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Faculty and Staff

Prof. UG, dr hab. Wojciech Beben, Associate Professor; Director of the Department of Ethnology
Research Interests: anthropology of religion; linguistic anthropology; traditional medicine; traditional law; Australia; Oceania.
Professor Józef Borzyszkowski
Research Interests: history and culture of the Pomerania Region.
Dr Mariusz Kairski, Assistant Professor
Prof. UG, dr hab. Andrzej Kowalski, Associate Professor
Research Interests: history of philosophy; theory of culture; prehistory of art; anthropology of history.
Dr hab. Anna Kwaśniewska, Associate Professor
Research Interests: Cassubian Culture; ethnic revival in Central Europe; the history of ethnographic research; heritage; anthropology of food; Poland (Pomerania Region).
Dr Monika Milewska, Assistant Professor
Research Interests: anthropological aspects of the personality cult in different epochs; sacralization of power and violence; political myths and symbols.
Dr Jacek Splisgart, Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Anthropology of Maritime Societies; Anthropology and history of East Asia (especially Japan and Korea); History of Anthropology (especially Japanese Ethnology and Yanagita’s Folklore Studies); Cultural Change; Traditional and Modern Japanese Culture; Japanese rites (especially Family rites and rites of passage); Japanese Folklore; Ethnic and Cultural Identity; Cultural Studies; Japan.
Former Faculty:
Dr Andrzej Stachowiak, Assistant Professor (1.10.2011-28.02.2013)
Research Interests: ethnic and religious minorities; religious, ethnic and social conflicts; cultural diversity of the Carpathian Region (Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania); Lemkos cultural studies; popular religiosity; culture of Baltic Sea nations and ethnic/regional groups, Poland.
mgr Maja Żemojtel, Institute's secretary, Tel./Fax.: (+48 58) 523 37 10
mgr Elżbieta Ledemann, Library

About the Department:

The newly established Department of Ethnology at the University of Gdańsk is currently offering a three-year Bachelor Degree in Ethnology/Cultural Anthropology. A subsequent two-year Master Degree program in Ethnology/Cultural Anthropology has also been planned and will commence from the academic year 2013-2014.

The research of our Department focuses on two main areas: Anthropology of Maritime Societies (Australia and East Asia in particular), and Anthropology of the Baltic Region. Research interests of the faculty include, among others: anthropology of religion, symbolic anthropology, medical anthropology, heritage, and anthropology of history.


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